Literary Tube Tour of London

London is a city like no other, and the same goes for its literature. As keen bibliophiles, we decided to go about mapping a famous piece of literature to the train station nearest where it was set on the tube map.
Complete your discovery of London’s intellectual attractions by following in the footsteps of its great works of fiction and let famous authors guide you through its streets.

Top10 Things To Do in Sicily

Sicily is Italy in its extreme. Its mountains are more marvellous, the food more intense, its history more alive and the weather better than mainland Italy. You can have any kind of vacation you dream of: You can immerse yourself in culture and history, hike on a volcano in the morning and dive among archaeological artefacts in the evening. And if you want to treat your senses to a feast, Sicily is a festival of culinary endeavours as well.

Palermo Street Food

Sicily in general and Palermo in particular is famous for its Street Food: Fried balls of rice with tasty sauce in the middle, rich and creamy cannoli and a gutsy sandwich, that will challenge any foodie coming to town. Not only are they rich, tasty and cheap, they also tell a story about the island’s…

Among Angels and Demons in Rome

Following in the footsteps of Robert Langdon in Dan Brown’s bestseller Angels & Demons takes you past some of the most beautiful sites in the Eternal City and lets you breathe the air of intrigue, mystery and revelation. While enjoying a leisurely stroll through Rome’s picturesque cobblestone alleyways, you’ll walk past some of the most beautiful…

Art Nouveau Walking Tour in Valencia

Did you know that Valencia is one of the Spanish cities with the greatest collection of Art Nouveau architecture? Or Modernismo, as they call it in Spain? Me neither! Let’s discover these architectural gems together! On this self-guided tour of Valencia we’ll take you past some of the most beautiful buildings and historic architecture in Valencia. Here is the best Art Nouveau architecture in Valencia: