A Real Jurassic Park – In Center of Portugal

The Silver Coast of Portugal is not only a haven for surfers and sunseekers. If you venture just a little further inland, you can encounter million-year-old dinosaur footsteps, psychedelic caves and unique geological phenomenas in the Nature Park of Serras de Aire and Candeeiros.

Here, in this green patch between Porto and Lisbon, you can go back in time, discover a REAL Jurassic Park and follow in the Footsteps of the Dinosaurs.

Walking The Devil’s Valley

Dante found inspiration in this foul-smelling, sulphur-coloured, steaming landscape for his “Hell” in the Divine Comedy. I find it more extraterrestrial in appearance, as if Mars and the Moon had a lovechild. The lunar-like surface is full of fumaroles from which steam is hissing or water is boiling. Le Biancane Nature Park is a unique geological…