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Here’s our selection of great books on Denmark, movies that capture the quintessential ambiance of Denmark, tv shows that gives you in-depth knowledge of history or culture and links to helpful websites.


Hans Christian Andersen
Fairy Tales

Karen Blixen – 7 Gothic tales
Short stories about 19th century aristocratic Denmark

Johannes V Jensen – The Fall of the King,
A classic, Danish historic novel

Søren Kirkegaard – Either/Or
Philosophical work about aesthetic and ethic life views

Carsten Jensen – We, the drowned
Historic novel about the sturdy fishermen of the Danish west coast

Hamlet by Shakespeare
The epic tale about a Danish prince on the castle of Kronborg

Nordic mythology

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En kongelig affære 
Historical drama about Struense

Historical drama about a Danish commune in the 70’s

Olsen Banden i Jylland 
Old Danish comedy about a group of gangsters

Comedy about a High School reunion

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Historical drama

The Bridge 

The Killing 

Charlot og Charlotte 
A Danish road movie TV series

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Visit Denmark

Top 10 Danish attractions – according to Visit Denmark

Denmark – on Wikipedia

Top 50 Danish attractions – according to Wikipedia

DMI – Danish national weather forecast