Five fabulous Loire castles

The Loire valley is one of the places in Europe with most castles.

No wonder it is a Unesco World Heritage, and there’s nothing better than to go on a castle roadtrip around the beautiful countryside to (try to) see them all. But some deserve more mention than others. Not because they’re grand but because they’re special.

We have found 5 lesser-known castles, that may be very different, but are equally fabulous.

Vendanges – Grape picking in France

Tessa Laroche stands in the fermentation room, surrounded by stainless steel tanks and pours us a glass of the 2015 Domaine aux Moines. The pneumatic press behinds us makes some peculiar sounds. She raises her arms, like a conductor, moves her hands in time with the noise and with a slight bow emphasises the last commotion of the press.

Tessa is the maestro and the wine is her symphony.

Cointreau [kwan-troh]

Wuhhu, it’s Friday and maybe you’re heading out for a dinner or drinks with some friends.

In that case, chances are, that you’ll meet a Frenchman in a bar. He’ll tell you to be “Cointreauversial”, that he goes well with others but is intense enough company in himself. He will dare you to put him on ice and when you put him to your lips, he tastes like oranges.

His name is Cointreau.

Mont Saint-Michel

Monastic buildings towering on a rock in a sea in Normandy. Medieval houses clinging to the side, as if not to crash into the waters below, that can come rushing in with the galloping tide. For centuries a stronghold, then a prison and now one of the greatest tourist attractions in France: Mont Saint-Michel.

2-4 Hours Le Mans

If you only come to Le Mans to watch a motor race, without going into the old town of Le Mans, you’re really missing out on something. Not only has it a rich history, dating back to Roman times, it also has some incredible medieval architecture and interesting museums.

Here are the best things to do in Le Mans while others are going to the race:

Les Accroche Coeurs Festival

This Saturday we visited Les Accroche Coeurs Festival in Angers, France and fell completely in love with it! It’s fun, playful, anarchistic and creative. And devilishly well organised! A leaflet picked up at the tourist office trickled our attention and we gave it a shot. The theme this year was “The Apocalypse” and very apropos, as…

A walk among the wines

The sun shone mercilessly upon us, as we walked towards the end of our guided “Vignes Vins Randos” wine tour and the temperature was climbing towards 30 ℃. Our trips down the troglodyte caves had lost its cooling effect and everyone in the group walked silently as they concentrated on walking in a straight line.…