About Belgium

key-facts-belgium-beKingdom of Belgium. The country, which is divided in two with one king and one government – north and south, Flanders and Wallonia; Flemish and French.


Weather and Climate
Best time to visit Belgium is from May to October.
Winter starts late December and tends to be wet with a little frost and snow.
Spring starts late March. Spring starts nearly always cold and wet, but it quickly becomes warmer.
Summer extends from June to late September, which also are the best months to visit the country.
Autumn is from late September. Autumn starts hot and dry, but eventually becomes colder and wetter.


Belgium is situated in northwestern Europe and surrounded by the Netherlands in the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg in the west and France in the south.
Belgium’s geography ranges from fine beaches in the east with a coastline of 66,5 kilometres (41 miles), the flat Flanders in the north, the more hilly Flanders a bit further south, the very hilly Wallonia (Ardennes) in the southeast with the highest point at 694 metres (2.276 ft.) and to the less hilly Wallonia in the south and southwest. Besides a beautiful landscape, there are also many rivers in different sizes, on which you can have the pleasure of enjoying a boat trip.


5 things Belgium is known for, outside Belgium

  • Tintin (Comic book, 1929-1986)
  • Saxophone (Musical instrument, invented in 1846)
  • Waterloo (Historic battlefield, Napoleon’s defeat in 1815)
  • Belgian Chocolate (Filled chocolates)
  • Trappists Beer (Belgian Beer brands)



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