Top100 Austrian Attractions

Deep in the heart of Europe lies a land of emperors, waltz and schnitzel. A haven for hikers, skiers and city lovers. From the magnificent palaces of Vienna to the steep mountains of the Alps, every tourist can find something exactly to their taste.

Jen Miller has found the Best Things To Do in Austria – here are some of them:

The Legend of a Bridge

It has been immortalised in song. It has been included in a UNESCO World Heritage designation. It isn’t even a WHOLE bridge. And it all started with a young shepherd throwing a rock into the river. This is the legend of the Pont d’Avignon in Avignon, France. To be correct, its real name is Pont…

Mont Saint-Michel

Monastic buildings towering on a rock in a sea in Normandy. Medieval houses clinging to the side, as if not to crash into the waters below, that can come rushing in with the galloping tide. For centuries a stronghold, then a prison and now one of the greatest tourist attractions in France: Mont Saint-Michel.

The kings of the north

The north of Zealand, Denmark is called “The Kings’ Northzealand” and is the Danish equivalent to the French Loire valley, which is dotted with spectacular castles and palaces. The north of Zealand too. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the first castles were built. Søborg castle was the base of operations for the kings back…

Bicentennial birthday wishes for a Berlin garden

The Gliencke Park in Potsdam, southeast of Berlin is not one, many tourists have heard of. But the park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site, and makes up the Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin together with Sanssouci, the New Garden, Pfaueninsel and Babelsberg Park. 2016 is an important year for the Gliencke Park, as it celebrates…

Lübeck – Christmas capital of the north

We are in the middle of the time when the day turns dark and winter has set in. All over the world, people fight back the murky darkness with Christmas lights, candles and torches. Winter blues is overcome with merrymaking, Christmas carolling and punch.

In Germany, especially, they mix all the above thing together – throw in some Mutzen, Bratwürstchen and Lebkuchen – and make the world’s best Christmas markets. Discover with us the best christmas markets of Lübeck.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

That’s why it was nice at our short visit to Lübeck – the UNESCO World Heritage protected medieval Hanseatic city in northern Germany – to drop in to one of the many cafés, when our nose were cold and the battle of self-discipline was lost to the display of wonderful cakes. Wandering the cobblestone streets…