Hidden Beneath the Seats – History of the Misericords

The History and Mysteries of Europe’s Misericords Part II by Dave Douglas Davis Misericord – or Mercy Seat – is the name of the ledge on the underside of the folding seats in the church’s choir stalls. Often hidden and usually unnoticed, these small seats meant a great deal for monks during their arduous day…

Italy and the 6 cakes of Christmas

Italians love their dolce. Even in wintertime, you can be sure to see Italians eat gelato and so it comes a no surprise, that they have no less than 6 Christmas cakes to sweeten the chilly days of Christmas. But choosing which cake it should be, can even ruin the Christmas spirit in Italian families.…

Basque Country – Where every house has a name

What does it mean to be Basque? Why have the Basque people fought to hard to preserve their language traditions? We spent a month in region trying to find answers to that question.

Euskal Herria means Basque Country, but Herri means more than country. It also means village, region and people. Because that’s how close the Basque people are connected to their land and heritage. The Basque country transcends national and international borders and is full of traditions, tales and tension.