Savouring Split

Ever dreamt of spending the winter in a Roman Emperor’s oceanfront palace, enjoying both nature, history and the seaside? While some keep on dreaming, full-time nomad Jocelyn Garwood turns her dreams into reality and shows us the beauty of Croatia’s seaside stunner; Split.

This millennia old city, once an Adriatic pearl in the Roman Empire, is now a World Heritage treasure that you surprisingly can savour for yourself when visiting at just the right time.

Roman Ruins, Megaliths & Bones – It’s Évora!

Visiting Évora and the surrounding area in central Portugal is like a great school field trip that lasts for days. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the culture and history. Go slowly and savour this special place.

Visiting a place where the No1 tourist attraction is bones and skulls had me a little uneasy. Old graveyards are always kind of fun with their big gravestones and crypts, but you don’t usually see any remains of humans. This graveyard was different.

Spoleto – Crown of Umbria

Perugia may be the regional capital of Umbria, Assisi its spiritual centre but after one month of roaming the region, we must conclude that Spoleto is its crowning piece. As it sits enthroned above the Umbrian valley with its back to the hills of the south, it looks to the north, to the beautiful towns…

Sicily is an opera

Sicily is the essence of Italy, in the sense that everything Italian is intensified here. All that you either love or hate about Italy, you’ll find in its purest form here, on this island shaped by a still active volcano, once a kingdom, now one of the poorest areas of Italy. Take visual trip together…

Walking The Devil’s Valley

Dante found inspiration in this foul-smelling, sulphur-coloured, steaming landscape for his “Hell” in the Divine Comedy. I find it more extraterrestrial in appearance, as if Mars and the Moon had a lovechild. The lunar-like surface is full of fumaroles from which steam is hissing or water is boiling. Le Biancane Nature Park is a unique geological…

2-4 Hours Le Mans

If you only come to Le Mans to watch a motor race, without going into the old town of Le Mans, you’re really missing out on something. Not only has it a rich history, dating back to Roman times, it also has some incredible medieval architecture and interesting museums.

Here are the best things to do in Le Mans while others are going to the race:

The 1700-year old Italian girls in bikini

In this last month of summer, lots of us are craving some bikini-time before autumn weather sets in and the small clothing items are put away for next summertime. And while the fashion industry this year celebrates the bikini’s 70 year birthday – supposedly invented by Louis Réard in 1946 – it’s actually close to 1700 years…