Azulejos of Porto

When visiting Porto in November 2016, we were amazed by the diversity, creativity and radiance of the Azulejos, that are pretty much covering everything in Portugal in general and Porto in particular. Azulejos have their origin in the Arabic az-zulayj meaning “polished stone” and were introduced into Portugal by king Manuel I after a visit to Seville…

Porto City Guide

Porto is – well deserved – being named as one of the hottest cities in Europe to visit. And with good reason! This trendy city has great architecture, cool cocktail bars, lots of charm, a long history and excellent shopping. Oh yeah: and Port Wine too!

But where to go? What to see? Where is the Port Wine Area? And is it worth going shopping in Porto? Your questions will be answered in this Porto City Guide.

Best of Northern Portugal in Pictures

Porto is the best base for exploring northern Portugal. Not only is the historical centre of Porto a UNESCO World heritage, so is the Douro Valley to the east, Guimaraes – the birthplace of Portugal and Braga – city of archbishops. Let us take you on a photo tour of the most beautiful places in the Norte region:

Art Nouveau in Porto

Porto is a treasure trove of Art Nouveau architecture. While other metropoles may have torn down these exquisite buildings as they progressed towards modernity, Portugal was delightedly deprived of those possibilities.

Now, that Portugal in general and Porto in Particular is blossoming economically, the houses are not torn down but instead carefully renovated. We’ve found the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Porto and put them on a map for you to find.

Come on an Art Nouveau Treasure Hunt with us!

About Portugal

As the oldest nation in Europe, Portugal became a kingdom in 1139 and that lasted until the 1910 Revolution. After the 1910 Revolution, democracy was replaced by an authoritarian regime. In 1974, democracy was restored and living standards increased when the country became member of the European Union. Today, Portugal is a highly developed country…