Crash course in Burgundian wine

Many experts agree upon, that some of the most exciting wines in the world come from Burgundy, a region that begins 100 kms south from Paris and reaches down to Lyon. A 360 kilometre long wine superhighway with stars such as Chablis and Beaujolais. Take a wine road trip with us and learn about what makes the wines different in Burgundy from the rest of France.

Sweet bubbles in sleek bottles

The wines from Alsace – Crisp bubbles in sleek bottles

In contrary to the rest of France – like the wines from Burgundy or Châteauneuf du Pape which focus on the appellation – the wines in Alsace are often named after the grape variety. The wine is bottled on distinctive, long-necked bottles, called Flütes d’ Alsace and this is part of the reason, why Alsatian wine is so well-known…