Barcelona Beyond Gaudi

Bask in the beauty of Barcelona, that has not only amazing Modernisme architecture but an amazing history as well.

And a city centre that reflect the decades gone by: Romans, Christians, Jews and artists have all made their mark on the capital of Catalunya.

Follow in the footsteps of Saul Schwartz as he discovers Barcelona for the very first time.

Vintage Steam Train rides in Wales

A panting steam locomotive, hissing its way through a dense oak forest, traversing valleys and clinging to the mountain sides while offering spectacular views of a scenic nature. That is one of the best ways to take in the wonderful Welsh countryside. Or at least the most luxurious. Hop on board with us on a…

Top 5 Winter restaurants with a View in Valencia

There’s nothing like dining or drinking with a vista. Looking down upon the bustling pedestrians from a rooftop restaurant or taking in the scenery from a café with a view, soaking up the blessed rays of the sun. In wintertime, it’s even essential to find a warm, sunny spot if you want to sit outside…