Top10 Hilltowns of Umbria

Umbria is one of these unique places that has maintained its heritage while keeping culture thriving in these petrified places of history. It’s a place of magic. You can sense it in the cobblestone, labyrinthical streets. You can feel it when you look out upon the landscape.

C.S. Lewis got it quite right when he named the enchanted Kingdom of Narnia after a place right here, in the green heart of Italy. Discover with us the 10 Most Enchanting Hilltop Towns of Umbria.

San Gimignano – Medieval Manhattan

Already when you gaze the first fleeting glimpses of San Gimignano, as your car curves its way around the Tuscan hills, you realise that this city is different from the other picturesque villages of the region. Over a dozen tall towers stand sentinel in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just imagine what it would have…