Four Fab Libraries in Sicily

Benedictine and Jesuit fathers were the founders of the libraries we appreciate today in Sicily. Carefully, they amassed historic manuscripts, numismatic collections and texts pertaining the history of Sicily through centuries, and when they were kicked to the curb, their bibliographical heritage remained.

The most beautiful libraries are located in their Renaissance or Baroque cradles: in ornate abbeys, monastic schools and Baroque churches.
And one right in the street!

Azulejos of Porto

When visiting Porto in November 2016, we were amazed by the diversity, creativity and radiance of the Azulejos, that are pretty much covering everything in Portugal in general and Porto in particular. Azulejos have their origin in the Arabic az-zulayj meaning “polished stone” and were introduced into Portugal by king Manuel I after a visit to Seville…

Mont Saint-Michel

Monastic buildings towering on a rock in a sea in Normandy. Medieval houses clinging to the side, as if not to crash into the waters below, that can come rushing in with the galloping tide. For centuries a stronghold, then a prison and now one of the greatest tourist attractions in France: Mont Saint-Michel.