Vernaccia di San Gimignano – ancient wine rediscovered

“A white island of wine in a sea of red,” some describe the Vernaccia white wine of San Gimignano, surrounded as it is by red Chianti vineyards. When young, it’s fresh, floral and pleasant – a cool kiss on a warm summer’s day. When older, its mineral notes mature and become more complex without losing…

Vendanges – Grape picking in France

Tessa Laroche stands in the fermentation room, surrounded by stainless steel tanks and pours us a glass of the 2015 Domaine aux Moines. The pneumatic press behinds us makes some peculiar sounds. She raises her arms, like a conductor, moves her hands in time with the noise and with a slight bow emphasises the last commotion of the press.

Tessa is the maestro and the wine is her symphony.

Sweet bubbles in sleek bottles

The wines from Alsace – Crisp bubbles in sleek bottles

In contrary to the rest of France – like the wines from Burgundy or Châteauneuf du Pape which focus on the appellation – the wines in Alsace are often named after the grape variety. The wine is bottled on distinctive, long-necked bottles, called Flütes d’ Alsace and this is part of the reason, why Alsatian wine is so well-known…