Pay per toothpick in Barcelona

We stayed in Barcelona last August and especially enjoyed the old shadowy Gothic quarter. After walking around for hours, with a sore neck from gaping at the architecture, the churches and the attractions, we needed a break.

We found the perfect spot at Sagardi in Carrer del Argenteria, on the way to the church featured in the historical novel “Cathedral of the Sea” – Santa Maria del Mar. Away from the hustle and bustle but still with enough by-passers to be interesting.

The restaurant concept is simple: With a plate in hand you visit the bar where a wide selection og tasty-looking, socalled Pintxos allures you to try a bite. Pinxtos are small tapas, bite-sized and often on a piece of bread. Like canapés, just tastier! It’s actually a Basque dish, that we can recommend in it’s natural habitat.

The toothpick penetrated Pintxos are best washed down with a chilled glass of cava – your best friend in the lazy, hot afternoon.


When the waiter arrived to settle our account, they just counted the toothpicks on our plates and billed us per toothpick. The price per pintxo varies whether you eat outside (€ 2.35) or at the bar  (€ 1.80). Sagardi has a number of pintxos restaurants in Barcelona, visit their website to check them out.

Hence refuelled, we took another trip around the Gothic quarter.


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