We love Garda in the springtime. We love Garda in the fall.

We’ve just returned from some great September days in Northern Italy at the Lago di Garda.

The climate is very agreeable most time of year. Of course it’s hot in July and August, but not compared to Tuscany. Conversely, the climate feels warmer in springtime and autumn with >20 °C temperatures as early as April. The lake is tucked in between the southern Dolomite Mountains and opens up to the Po plain to the south.

This setting ensures the nice climate.

Being outdoor enthusiasts and mountainbike maniacs we are definitely going to visit the area again in springtime, where we hope it won’t be as crowded as it inevitably was in the peak summer months.

If you want to know more about the Lake Garda climate, check out this website at Lake Garda Revealed.

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