Land of thousand lakes

Mecklenburg Lake District. Picture autumn colours – yellow, red and brown leaves on the trees and on the ground – a light haze in the air due to the seasonal dampness and only a light breeze – not enough to break the mirror-like surface of the lakes, not enough to spoil the image of autumn above and below.

Now you have an image of this beautiful north-eastern part of Germany, where the beauty of the lakes is rivalled only by the fairy-tale renaissance castles or the charming medieval cities of the old Hanseatic league.

European Travel Magazine @ Schwerin Castle

But back to the lakes. The region can boast of being the region in Germany with most lakes and with the biggest lake. In the summertime, the region is bustling with the ever-active German hikers, bikers, surfers or skippers. Spring is perfect for discovering the many nature parks and the cities as well. Autumn is the season of long walks by the lakeside or in the woods and afterwards snuggling up by the fireplace with a glass of hot glühwein. And while Lübeck and Berlin might have the biggest Christmas markets in December, the Hanseatic towns of Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund provide particularly unique atmospheres to their Christmas markets.

Or wrapping yourself in a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa and enjoying the sunset.

European Travel Magazine in Mecklenburg-vorpommern

We visited the region in beginning of October and were rewarded with warm weather and sunshine. There was a wonderful ambience to walk next to the medieval walls of Rostock, kicking up leaves while others slowly fell from the trees like yellow snowflakes.  We even enjoyed a flammkuchen and glass of beer and wine, respectively, outside in a lee, sunny spot for lunch one day after having cycled some 15 kilometres to Güstrow Castle. The next day we climbed the 126 stairs of the observation tower by Krakow-Am-See to marvel at the view of the lakes.

The next time we’ll just have to stay longer!landof1000lakes


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