Sarlat, please

We are sloooowly and unwillingly turning our car in north-west direction on our roadtrip through France.

The only upside is, that we’ll drive through the Dordogne region, which we have come to love so much; a petit pain au chocolat for breakfast in Cadillac (yes, somehow remotely related to the car brand), lunch in Bergerac and dinner in Sarlat.

They are all – but the latter in particular – beautiful cities – which seem to have an inner glow when the sun hits the limestone houses. The centre of Sarlat is car-free, so when you’ve finished the task of cramping your car into a parking spot made for dwarf-size cars, you can start enjoying the evening.

Musicians play on the side of the streets, artists will portray you or your precious ones, shops are open until late in the evening and tempt with patés, truffles, wine, and loads of local stuff you don’t know how to cook, but looks yummy!

Sarlat really is a gem, although not an undiscovered one. It offers many surprising views, hidden springs and a good vibe.

If you want to discover more of the area, do a Tour de Vin in the Cahors region or visit Rocamadour – worth a detour.


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