Rocamadour, worth a detour

We finally arrived in Aquitaine, the south-west part of France with Bordeaux as its capital. Here, the Dordogne river lazily flows through the country, defines the valleys and offers great views to the castles that cling on to the steep rocks.

This is home to the truffle, the wines of Cahors and foie gras.

And if the cuisine wasn’t a good enough reason to visit, the stunning nature or the grand castles might. From Chateau de Hautefort in the north, the gravity-defying Beynac and home-of-Josephine-Baker, Chateau des Milandes – both at the banks of the Dordogne river, to Rocamadour, ETM’s current location.

The latter offers breathtaking views, religious shrines and free entrance, which is quite rare in this region. If you want to spend a few bucks, we can recommend Rochers des Aigles, a centre focused on birds of prey which offers great shows of falconry.

From here we continue our eating-frenzy south- and west-wards, towards the vineyards of Cahors, St. Emilion and later Bordeaux.


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